NGO releases Nomoplatform™ electronic legislative observatory

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As Cyprus keeps dropping places on Transparency International’s annual report over the past decade, a non-governmental organisation has just released the Nomoplatform™ electronic legislative observatory.

And NGO Oxygono explained that the private initiative aims to boost transparency by making the legislative policy-drafting process more accessible to citizens.

“Through this electronic legislative watchdog, citizens are now able to follow the process from the moment a bill proposal is submitted till the end at no particular cost” Oxygono’s Dr. Nicholas Kyriakides told Philenews in an interview published on Saturday.

The NGO’s vice president also said: “Nomoplatform ™ aims to further activate citizens whether they come from academia, business or civil society so as to make them take part in the Country’s policy making.”

It is important, he also said, that citizens get more information and transparency on the inflexible legislative process taking place in the House of Representatives.

The initiative is also supported by Zenox Public Affairs, a public affairs and government relations start-up.

Cyprus dropped nine places since 2012 on Transparency International’s annual report on business leaders’ perceptions of corruption.

Cyprus’ 2020 score was 57 out of 100, one position behind Cape Verde and two from Sain Vincent and the Grenadines.

Denmark and New Zealand top the index, with 88 points, while Syria, Somalia, and South Sudan come last with 14 and 12 points, respectively.

Πηγή – In-Cyprus (13.2.21): NGO releases Nomoplatform™ electronic legislative observatory

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